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2.5 & Beginner League


This league is not a ladder league. It is for beginner level players. This includes players with skills 2.5 and below.

Each week the League Director randomly assigns players court numbers. This allows players to play with someone different each week. Exposing players to other types of play helps everyone improve his/her own skills more rapidly than playing with the same people all the time. Our hope is these players will improve their skills and join our normal Ladder Leagues over time making room for new beginner level playres.

If this league sounds like the one for you, please continue to the REGISTRATION section below.

After submitting your registration information in the form below, please immediately pay the registration fee by clicking on the appropriate button(s) at the bottom of the page.

For best results use a normal computer when registering.

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** If you are on your phone the payment options below the registration questions may not display after you enter your register information. You may need to close the registration window *AFTER CLICKING ON SUBMIT* and then navigate back to this registration webpage again to pay. Don't register a second time. Simply scroll past the questions section until you see the payment section.

CONTACT JACQUELINE if you have any concerns. Otherwise you should be receiving an email from Jacqueline several days before the league starts. (Jacqueline Boggs 614 578-5326, )

After registering above, now please pay the registration fee below. NOTE: Registration fee is also the fee of $10 per match/week through September.

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TUESDAY LEAGUE Payment options: