Pickleball Leagues

Welcome to Scarborough's Co-ed Pickleball Ladder Leagues!

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Scarborough is offering THREE ladder leagues this winter

  • The weekend league is held Sundays at 2-4pm.

  • The evening league is held Mondays at 8-10pm.

  • The daytime league is held Tuesdays at 10am-12pm.

(The only difference in the leagues is the day/time.)

Important Information

  • The fee for each league is $10 per person per week. You pay for 1 month
    at a time.

  • All leagues begin the week of Jan 3rd and are 12 weeks long.

  • There are 32 spots available is each league. You do not need a partner in
    a ladder league.

  • You will play 3 games to 21 each week. See the League Format tab above
    for more details.

As a Scarborough pickleball league participant
you get extra value!

  • You are emailed a video of your games each week.*

  • You have online access (on this website) to all of your league results: i.e., game scores, court assignments, overall league standing, etc.

  • We give new participants a discount coupon for the pro shop!

  • We give you early notice of our pickleball events before we make public announcements!

  • And more!
    (*barring any unforeseen technical issues)

Who can join the leagues?

Our pickleball leagues are open to anyone. You do not have to be a member of Scarborough East Tennis Club.

The leagues are co-ed so men and women all play together.

You do not need a partner to join a ladder league. You will be placed on a court each week with 3 other people.

You may also share a permanent spot -- and the weekly costs -- with one other person if you want to play less than once per week, or if you know you are going to miss several weeks straight.

Will you be a player?

This website used for league management.