Central Ohio Pickleball Leagues
At Scarborough 

Welcome to Scarborough's Co-ed Pickleball Ladder Leagues! 


Please see our LEAGUE / CLUB POLICIES in the League Format and Policies tab above. 


Summer registration IS OPEN!  

Leagues days/times are shown below.

We are accepting beginning players in our Beginner league (only).


** Substitutes are always needed!  ** 

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We are proud to use DUPR to support official ratings for our players.

The following requirements do not apply  to beginners who join the 3.00-and-Under-plus-Beginners League.

The requirements to join our leagues:

   1.  You must have gone through our beginner league.


You already know how to play pickleball (including official rules) and have been playing for 1 year. 

League play is not recreational play.  It is real competition.  Players expect a very competitive environment, and they pay money to play.  It is not social (or public park) competition.

2.  You are at least at a true 2.5 skill level.  (Monday league requires DUPR rating of 3.0).

3.  You must read our League Policies (see League Format and Policies tab) to understand how our leagues operate.

Please do NOT register for any league (except Beginner league) unless you meet these requirements! 

We will be forced to ask you to move to the Beginner's league if you register for another league whose requirements you do not meet.

(Note: the 2.5 requirement applies to new players joining our leagues and not existing league players.)

Scarborough offers leagues throughout the year!  

The league sessions generally go with the seasons (fall, winter, spring, summer).



(DUPR rating 3.01 and over skill only;  you MUST know how to play and have experience already)

2. WEEKEND (DUPR rating of 3.00-and-Under-plus-BEGINNER'S**) LADDER LEAGUE (24 spots available; priority given to beginners)

3. WEEKEND (DUPR rating of) SINGLES LEAGUES (8 spot available in each league)

4.  WEEKDAY EVENING LADDER LEAGUES  (minimum DUPR rating of 3.0 to join)


(all levels welcome but you MUST know how to play and have experience already)


(all levels welcome but you MUST know how to play and have experience already)

(Only differences in these leagues are the day/time,  minimum age for Senior league, gender, minimum/maximum skill/experience for certain leagues going forward.)

Ladder League Information

 Weekly Fees ($10)

When you join a league, you pay for all of the weeks in the first month that you join league.   There is no refund of these first month's fees.

After that you are charged $10/wk (paid monthly) for all of the weeks of league play in that month.

 Registration Fees ($25)

When you join any Scarborough league session, you pay a registration fee of $25.  

As long as you stay in each subsequent session of at least one league, you do not have to pay this registration fee again.  If you drop out of a session and later you join another session, you will need to pay the $25 registration fee again.   

Our leagues sessions follow the seasons.  We have a fall, winter, spring, and summer session.

Weekly Games

See the League Format and Policies tab for detailed rules.  NOTE:  We have a 3 strike policy for unsportsmanlike conduct.  

After reading all of the information on this page and in the League Format and Policies tab, you can contact Jacqueline Boggs if you still have questions (pick10tennis@gmail.com).

As a Scarborough pickleball league* participant, you get extra value!  

*These benefits don't apply to Scarborough's summer travel league(s).
**barring any unforeseen technical issues.

Who can join the leagues?

Our pickleball leagues are open to anyone.  You do not have to be a member of Scarborough East Tennis Club at this time.  

The leagues are co-ed so men and women all play together.

You do not need a partner to join a ladder league because you are put on a court with 3 other people.

You may also share a permanent spot --  and the weekly costs -- with one other person if you want to play less than once per week, or if you know you are going to miss several weeks straight.   

You can drop out of the league at the end of any month except the first one without losing any money.   We do ask for 10 days notice so we can find a replacement player. 

Will you be a player?  

This website used for league management.