Have you ever played in a Scarborough "mixer"?  

A mixer is just a group of pickleball players from around Columbus meeting at our club on a certain date/time to play a kind of mini-ladder league for 2 or 3 hours (as advertised).

Mixers are announced and managed on MeetUp.com in our "group."  Normally all are welcome.  However, occasionally we have Mixers for specific people like our current league members, or single folks (i.e. not married).  No matter who the player is, you have to RSVP individually or sometimes we allow someone to RSVP with you as their guest. 

Join our MeetUp group (it's free) to learn of our upcoming mixers.  We don't have them too often, and we don't give a lot of notice for mixers.  

RSVP via MeetUp.com quickly when you see an announcement!! 

To RSVP, a few steps are required...

Use the pictures and instructions below to help you complete the RSVP process.

Here are the steps to RSVP:

Step 1:  Click this link which takes you to MeetUp.com and either sign-up or sign-in to the website.  

Step 2:  Once you are a MeetUp.com member, you must JOIN our MeetUp group.

Step 3Next you must click on the EVENT that we are holding.

Step 4:  Next you must RSVP on the Event page by clicking on ATTEND.

To make sure you are on the list, find your name either on the attendee list or the waitlist.  MeetUp.com will notify you if a spot opens up, and you can move off of the waitlist .

Only when you've completed all steps have you reserved a spot in the Mixer.